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Christina Mariani Engle

Classic Interior Design

 Modest Feminine Fashion

Faith-Based Dating Expert for Highly Successful Women


Hello, I am Christina!

If you are obsessed with old historic homes, big, hug-able dogs, second-hand shopping, and money-saving, diy projects, we should be friends!

Right now, hubby and the dogs and I are finishing up renovations on our two historic Tudors in Detroit City Proper, prior to moving to the country side.

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @Christinamarianidesign to see the grand reveal of each historic Tudor home.  Many great interior design tips & inspiration will be added to your  feed.

My other passions include ...

  • Feminine energy coaching

  • Dating coach for highly successful women

  • Signature time-capsule wardrobe curation

  • Custom modest feminine clothing design

  • Vintage fashion modeling

  • Photography, videography

  • Content creation, social media & brand management

  • Story-telling, writing on self-help topics

  • Custom wedding planning for any timeline or budget

  • YouTube self-help DIY videos on the topics above


On my birthday in 2023, my husband and I had our dream wedding with over 150 loved ones, a traditional ceremony, and outdoor reception, all in less than 14 days, and for less than $4K.  I am so grateful that we did not let societal expectations delay the start of our life together!


It is an honor to help other engaged couples avoid unnecessary delays and regrettable wedding debt, without having to give up their dreams of having a "real" wedding. 


PSA: The courthouse is not the only option for getting married in a reasonable amount of time and for an affordable price.


Follow us on Instagram at @christinascustomweddings if you need help planning your custom wedding.

You can watch our wedding ceremony video on my YouTube Channel:

Ladies, if you are in a season of life where you feel lonely, discouraged, OR would simply love to find more like-minded woman to connect with, my nonprofit women's group might be right for you...


Dry Roses and Diary

The Victorious Women of Virtue, Inc.

Over 10 years ago, I was attending Grand Valley State University and skipping a lot of class, in order to follow a vision to found The Victorious Women of Virtue, Inc. (VWV)   My team and I have executed many wonderful events, programs and workshops since then.


VWV is a faith-based sisterhood that offers unconditional love and support through all seasons of life.

There are many challenges that come along with present-day experiences of singleness, dating, marriage, divorce & widowhood. 

It is a breath of fresh air to be able to laugh through the hard times with other women who understand and who may have wisdom from going through the similar circumstances.

God is more than willing and able to use every so-called "mistake" we have made for His glory!  Let us share our favorite personal lessons in a safe space and encourage one another as we work on being all that God has called us to be.

VWV's mission for 2024:

To continue to offer a community of support, encouragement, and safety for all ladies, as we each travel on our own journey of discovering & strengthening our identity, worth and purpose in Christ.  

 You can connect with us on Instagram  @vwv3130. 


In VWV, we value each person's unique relationship with Christ. 

We firmly stand against fake, judgmental, non-biblical, cookie-cutter Christianity which seems to contribute to significant guilt and limited spiritual growth among many believers. 

I, personally, have met many ladies who have come to believe that they must read the bible at least 30 min every day in order to be pleasing to the Lord... 


I have many thoughts and concerns about this. Here is one:

What if one morning during scheduled devotional time, God tells you to call your mom or go check on a friend instead of finishing up your studies.  Are you going to hear the instruction and offer true obedience to God in real time?  Are you then going to feel guilty that you did not complete the exact amount of devotional time that you set out to do?  Or, worse, are you going to misjudge the urge as a "distraction" -a thought pulling you away from  your goal- and try to ignore it?

This limited mindset is very concerning when it comes to our ability to consistently grow in Christ and adapt to the many different seasons and challenges that life brings.

If we focused more on understanding God and cultivating our ability to recognize Him when he directs us, our obedience and our walk could be taken to the next level much more quickly. 


YES, it feels safer and it is much clearer and easier to simply "read the bible for 30 min every day" and to measure our "faithfulness" or "obedience" by this arbitrary goal.  No listening skills are required here, and there is no real risk.  No faith is required to accomplish this task.  It is purely a challenge of focus and self-discipline.  When we fail to accomplish this, we might feel bad, avoid God because we feel unworthy, and then get caught in an unproductive cycle of distancing ourselves from God.  This is the problem with performance-based Christianity which fails to emphasize the importance of following our own Holy Spirit, where ever it may guide us... which could be somewhere very unexpected and outside of a particular church building or safe and comfortable environment. 

I am so grateful that we do not serve a performance-based God.  And that no actions or inactions can cause us to earn the love, grace or saving power of Jesus Christ. 

PSA:  No where in the bible does it say that you have to read scripture 30 min every day, nor does it say anything about attending a religious building weekly in order to feel worthy enough to speak to God. -----If you can prove this to be inaccurate by citing actual scripture with specifications on duration, frequency and time commitment of reading scripture and attending a religious building, PLEASE SHARE.

The bible says that we should not add to or take away from His word.  We must be vigilant to discern between church culture expectations and actual commands from God.  We must be able to question and investigate the genesis of some of our spiritual beliefs that do NOT appear to line up with the character of God. 


I know that my God is waiting for you to say "Hi" to Him right now.  He absolutely loves your undivided attention during devotional time, but He is also with you while you are walking, exercising, studying, dancing, driving, etc.  You can talk to Him at anytime.  Stop putting Him in a box or keeping Him segregated from other portions of your life.


He said that He is always with you everywhere that you go and He said to, "pray about everything."  

Join our VWV sisterhood and experience the free love of God, regardless of where you find yourself at in life today...   Let go of all Christian-performance related guilt.


Reminder: God loves you SO MUCH, that He sent His only son to die in place of our sins -----[while we were being bad people and doing bad things]--- *paraphrased and further simplified into laymen's terms to improve depth of understanding.


Thank you for visiting this page. It is so much fun getting to know people from all over the world.  Enjoy the blog posts!  I appreciate every kind comment and message.  I do my best to respond--please forgive me if I miss yours or if the answer delayed!  There is a lot to juggle each day.  Life is full of so many unexpected challenges, surprises and blessings.

Share this page with a good friend who could benefit from more love, encouragement or inspiration <3

Hugs to you!

I declare God's greatest blessings over your family this New Year, in Jesus name.


Dry Roses and Diary
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