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Christina Mariani Design, LLC.

Detroit interior designer preserving and restoring original charm, character and craftsmanship in Detroit city proper's historic neighborhoods. 

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To partner with local real estate investors, contractors and builders to implement collaborative efforts to reduce poverty and homelessness in our local communities.

To transform residential homes into sacred spaces in which homeowners and their guests feel overcome with peace, joy, love and security upon crossing each threshold, time and time again.

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To excite and please all five senses with masterful ambience setting, functionality of design, preservation and enhancement of natural beauty, all while achieving authentic expression of each unique homeowner.


To save historic Detroit craftsmanship from being damaged and covered up by temporary design trends, sloppy flips and erroneous design decisions.  This will be addressed by teaching and promoting ways to complete attractive updates while preserving the invaluable original character, whenever possible. 


The Charming Tudor Project

The gallery below showcases expert design sourcing, or as I call like to call it; Mastery Treasure Hunting. 


None of the photos below are "Before"pictures, nor are they "After" pictures.  These photos are "Durings," smattered into the gallery amongst carefully collected furnishes and finishes, who are eagerly waiting to be showcased and installed, once all of the renovations are completed.  

Plumbing, roofing, electrical, plaster repair, painting, flooring, kitchen and bathroom renovations are all underway.  Video progress updates are posted to Instagram @christinamarianidesign.

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