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The Best Plan for Reducing Holiday Stress

Is there room to be more intentional in sending thoughtful notes and small gifts to our dearest family, friends, and neighbors all year long?

To encourage them during dark times and to show support during life’s precious moments as they celebrate milestones of all kinds?

Could we visit more often and pick up the phone to chat or to physically help out with something that they might be struggling with? Lighten their load?

The competitive, over-independent model in this society creates a dynamic where many people don’t feel that they can show any signs of weakness around family or friends. Struggles must remain private or you will be judged and talked about- this may be a subconscious fear or reality.

A primary cause of stress during Holidays can be a result of an internal pressure, or external expectation to cram all of our expressions of love and kindness into 6 weeks out of 52 weeks -While we semi-neglect each other the rest of the year because we are so tired and burnt out from our redundant and overwhelming tasks and responsibilities, which no one thinks to work together on to spread out the burden.

I believe the Holidays are a perfect time for family and friends to come together to help those in need.

If we take care of our immediate circle all year round by pitching in with what feels like an insurmountable mountain of needs and responsibilities, there could be less depression, anxiety and suicide amongst those of us who have jobs and families…

Then these people who have income, shelter, and families, might have the energy and mental capacity to join together to help out strangers with a joyful heart. Many of us can barely help ourselves because we are trapped in our silos of meaningless work, growing resentment & frustration which sadly can only be buried and make us ill or it can spill out onto those whom we with live with and cherish the most.

The biggest lesson I learned in 2023 was how to ask for and accept help. It has freed me up a (tiny bit more) to be able help others in areas that require my genius.

If we all served each other from our own unique areas of genius, (instead of trying to be something that we are not and trying to do things that we hate or are terrible at) there would be no lack among us.

I’ll pause my rant here….

What are your thoughts? Please share your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas on the matter.

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